The Want, Will, and Hopes of the People.

The Declaration of Independence.

We, the un­der­signed Free TON Community, Validators and Developers, hereby an­nounce the launch of Free TON Blockchain upon the prin­ci­ples and terms stated in this Declaration of De­cen­tral­iza­tion.

Free TON Blockchain

TON is a protocol proposed and developed by Dr. Nikolai Durov. We, the Free TON Developers are grateful for Nikolai’s
contribution to the TON protocol and wish him to continue developing it as part of a wider community effort.

Since we believe in freedom of speech, in information sharing, and in free software, we have decided to give the power
back to the community and unanimously proclaim the launch of the Free TON blockchain and the Free TON Crystal (or
TON for short) as its native token.

Why are we launching Free TON?

On the 3rd day of January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the following inside the Bitcoin genesis block: “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”, and then launched the first decentralized money.

Today, more than 10 years later, and more than ever, it is obvious that we need equal economic opportunities for The People of this world; and a new, more effective way to govern public finance — without influence from political elites.

The protocol represents an opportunity to create a massively scalable network benefiting hundreds of millions of people. Centered around smart contracts with easy to use tools for developers and users, it can promote free trade, equal opportunities, censorship resistance and cooperation during an unprecedented threat from a pandemic and an economic crisis.

Free TON is being launched in stages with
the following objectives:

To allow continuous debugging and

To drive wide adoption of decentralized solutions by

To accommodate future development scenarios

To ensure that original protocol developers can participate once it is permitted

To ensure uniform development of a single network and to discourage unnecessary forking

Free TON Decentralization

Free TON, launched by the principles described in this Declaration, is deemed to be fully decentralized.

The undersigned fully understand and acknowledge that any and all services, efforts, and other commitments that they declare hereunder in support of Free TON blockchain, as well as any and all TONs that they may receive as a result thereof, will only be provided after Free TON is sufficiently decentralized as described below. No undersigned party has promised any TONs to any other party in exchange for any services except those expressly described in this Declaration. Any transfer of TONs by the parties must be approved through a vote by holders of TONs until Free TON decentralization is achieved.

Under the terms of this Declaration all parties agree, declare, and commit to undertake every effort possible to achieve decentralization of Free TON from day one of its main network launch as described below.

The decentralization of a proof-of-stake blockchain network is achieved on many levels: protocol governance, software development, validation stakes, user interface and so on. This is how fault tolerance, collusion deterrence and censorship resistance are achieved.

Free TON becomes fully decentralized when:

A vast majority of TONs are being distributed among many users in the simplest way possible in order for them to participate in staking so as to prevent any single party from influencing network activities.

Several independent Validators are participating in network consensus; and, at least 13 independent stakes are validating masterchain and workchain blocks with the requisite computer resources continuously, and such that no single validator or other party that is technically able to participate in staking has more than 1/3 of all TONs available. Several teams of Developers are working on the protocol design, including its specifications, core software, compilers, languages and interfaces. By signing this Declaration, the undersigned parties agree to take an active role in one or several of these activities, thereby directly contributing to Free TON Decentralization.